3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuff Review

Shooting a firearm can get loud and not just unpleasant loud, but the kind of loud that can damage your eardrums. Considering that a normal 9 mm handgun makes about 159 db worth of noise and the human ear starts to take damage at around half that number, you can see why prolonged shooting will damage your hearing. This is especially true on a range with five or six other firearms going off at the same time. The facts are simple; you need a good pair of earmuffs when you’re shooting on a range, in competition, or any other prolonged situation. While you could stick with traditional ear plugs, you’ll find that the H10a Optime 105 Earmuffs from 3M Peltor will give you the best hearing protection for shooting.

Features of the 3M Peltor Earmuffs

With Peltor ear protection, you’re going to notice an almost immediate effect on the range. First off, these earmuffs will drop surrounding noise by 30 decibels, allowing you to focus on shooting and not on the pain in your ears.

By combining a liquid-foam injection and their patented twin-cup design, Peltor earmuffs are designed to fit on your ears, keep sound out. Thanks to the tough plastic outer shell, the shooting ear muffs won’t get damaged in transit to and from the range.

Of course, if a set of ears is cumbersome or uncomfortable, then shooters might find it’s not worth trading out one annoyance for another; this is not the case on the Peltor 105. With soft, foam filled cushions around the ears, the Peltor 105s will fit comfortably around your ears and against your head, while the ear cups pivot to match your head’s unique shape. The padded steel headband applies only a little pressure to the top of your head and can be worn with most normal headgear without getting in the way.

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Quite simply, Peltor ear protection does what it’s supposed to do without giving you new problems to worry about, whether you’re shooting from a stationary position or sprinting through three-gun or IDPA competitions.

Pros and Cons of H10A Optime 105 Earmuff

3M Peltor has been around for a while, and they bring their know-how to every one of their products — this one being no exception. With all this technology across a wide variety of earmuffs, earphones, and radio receivers, it’s safe to say that if it goes on your ear, 3M Peltor has spent some time thinking about it. For the price, it’s some of the best ear muffs for shooting that you can buy.

The over-the-head design fits well over ball caps, and because this is such a simple model, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. If you get a pair of electronic earmuffs and run out of juice, you could be in for a bit of trouble. In addition, these earmuffs don’t need to be shooting-specific and can be used anywhere you have loud noises. If you use power tools regularly, work in a noisy job environment, or simply want some peace and quiet, you can slip these on just as easily as if you were going to the range, without looking out of place.

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Unfortunately, these earmuffs can be outpaced and outperformed by more high-end models. Remember those electronic earmuffs I was just talking about? Well, when they have power, they can actually protect your ears a bit better than these 3M Peltor 105s can. Aside from that, some reviews will tell you that there is a specific plastic piece that is a weak point. Fortunately, these same reviews also attest that the return and exchange policy is some of the best in the business. As long as you’re not intentionally slamming your 3M Peltor 105s into things, you should be all right in about 95% of cases.

Conclusion? Well Worth the Money

Anybody who shoots for long periods of time will tell you that earmuffs are a must, and anybody who says otherwise will have hearing damage down the road (if not already). The 3M Peltor 105s are perfect for anybody from a weekend target shooter to a competitive shooting athlete. They’re no-fuss, no-hassle pieces that do just what they’re supposed to do and, for the price, do it extremely well. Even if you’re just buying the ear protection so you can get into an indoor shooting range, you’ll find yourself using it around the house or on the job site soon enough, as these things really do block out noise. Buy them for shooting and use them for everything.

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