5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag and Tactical Patrol Ready Bag Review

5.11 Tactical is widely known to provide amazing tactical gear for enforcers of the law, first responders, tactical operators, and the casual handgun owner visiting the range. They heavily promote two 5.11 range bags in particular because of their popularity and price. Let’s take a in-depth look at both of them.

5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag Review

There are some specific features that make these two 5.11 range bags a great buy that will pay you back twice over as time goes on.

  • Space

The more toys we have, the more space we need. Measuring in at 10 x 13 x 18, the 5.11 range ready bag is designed for the serious enthusiast. If it you commonly take more than one pistol to the range, this bag should be on your list of must haves.

Multiple pockets keep ammo, firearms, and necessities neat and tidy. Sturdy, padded construction for longevity and protection of your expensive gear.  The 5.11 company went to gun ranges and discussed the needs of instructors and expert marksmen. This 5.11 range bag is the result of that input.

  • Durability

The sturdy construction that has made 5.11 a household name is readily apparent in this bag. Reinforcements are added to the handles. 600 Denier nylon construction for breathability and weather resistance. Tough YKK zippers ensure years of faithful service. Ventilation in all the right places protects against moisture damage.

  • Storage

Separate padded pockets afford protection for multiple firearms. A lined hydration pocket keeps drinks handy and isolated. The convenient drop-down front panel reveals 8 magazine holders. Empty brass is easily collected in the removable drawstring pouch. The large center storage compartment has adjustable bins and extra pockets along the inside of the bag.

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  • Adaptability

This 5.11 tactical bag will suit anyone needing a versatile workhorse at the shooting range. The adjustable shoulder strap makes this bag comfortable for all to carry. Every pocket is padded allowing various options for firearm storage. Internal storage can be removed for ease of access at the bench. The drop front panel creates an ideal work place to field strip a handgun.

  • Concluding Thoughts on 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag

What’s not to like? Not only does the range bag get your gear to the range, it makes the trip enjoyable. The forethought 5.11 put into this bag makes it a perfect companion for wheel gunners and pistol shooters alike. The drain hole in the drink compartment and the mesh bottom on the spent casing bag are indications that the 5.11 crew put some thought into this bag.  If you are just taking your .22 out for some plinking, this bag may be a little large for your needs. This bag is designed for a serious outing to the range, and it handles that task well.  Of the other 5.11 bags out there, this would be my choice for a fun filled day at the range.

5.11 Tactical Patrol Ready Range Bag Review

The 5.11 Patrol Ready bag was designed with a specific group of individuals in mind. State patrol officers, security professionals, and police departments have similar needs. This 5.11 bag is the perfect option when firearms and other gear are regularly moved or stored in various locations. The length of the bag ensures long and bulky items can be secured.

Since patrol bags are often placed in cars or lockers, the width of the 5.11 patrol bag is narrower than a standard duffel or range-type bag. Organization of gear, refreshments, and firearms is made easy by the versatility of the storage pockets.

  • Storage

The 18.5x8x12 size of this bag allows for plenty of pockets. Inside, you will find places for pens, electronics, notepads, and all of your tactical gear. The large interior storage area is a perfect fit for a thermos and other bulky items. Cased handguns easily fit into separate padded pockets. The outside of the bag has plenty of storage as well. Critical items such as flashlights and portable radios are easily accessible.

  • Adaptability

This tactical bag is designed with law enforcement in mind. The size and versatility also make it a great choice for anyone looking for a bug-out bag. The inside storage compartments are adjustable and could be configured for video gear, emergency food supplies or other necessities needed in the event of a crisis situation.

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  • Durability

The 5.11 name is synonymous with tough tactical gear. The 5.11 patrol bag continues the tradition. The bag is constructed of tough, weather-resistant 600 denier polyester throughout. The padded construction not only confirms the safety of your gear, but extends the longevity of the bag. Handles attachments are reinforced to ensure durability.

  • Concluding Thoughts on 5.11 Patrol Ready Range Bag

If you are looking for peace of mind, the 5.11 patrol ready tactical bag is a great choice. Imagine your tactical gear, food supplies, and emergency equipment packed and ready for action. Disembark with the confidence that forethought and preparation have given you the advantage. Whether you are patrolling the streets, ensuring the safety of your family, or preparing for a full-on zombie apocalypse, this 5.11 bag meets the challenge.

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