Beretta Tactical Range Bag Review

Firearm enthusiasts and those who frequently visit the firing range certainly are in dire need of carrying bag that can accommodate guns, ammunition, and other accessories. Not having the proper storage place for these items can prove to be inconvenient and impractical as things can get misplaced easily. The Beretta Tactical Range Bag is an ideal product when searching for a firearm bag since it can accommodate all your shooting accessories safely.

As with all types of products, it is important to look into its features and overall design too. Can it hold your weapons well? Will your firearms be safe and secure? How will it adapt to your lifestyle and routine? And of course, you would want to check on its durability too. All these concerns will help you end up with the best range bag for your particular needs.

Top Features of the Beretta Tactical Range Bag

Since you’ve invested a lot of money on the firearms you own, you would want to keep these in good condition all the time. The Beretta Tactical range bag is equipped with a thermoshield padding, similar to what some of the top mattresses are made out of, at the bottom part of the carrying bag to keep its content safe.

It also comes with padded handle, so you can carry it over your shoulder without feeling uncomfortable. This is an expandable storage case, so there is more room inside this bag than you think.

The range backpack’s dimensions are approximately 13.5″ long x 10″ wide x 8″ high. Measuring approximately 8″ x 13″ on the inside, there’s more than enough room for two pistols, ammo and items for two shooters. You can usually fit 5-6 boxes of ammo inside as well as earmuffs or ear plugs, range glasses, cleaning kit and more. The pockets on the outside can be used for magazines or other essentials.

Design, Adaptability, and Durability

As can be expected from a Beretta product, this bag is very well designed. It has inside and outside pockets; and you can even opt to put your handgun in one of the external pockets. The bag can actually hold 2 guns at the same time.

You need not worry about the extra weight that an extra gun and some additional accessories can cause to this bag since it’s well built and made of durable materials. In fact, it can handle excessive use and abuse from gun fanatics who always need to carry a lot of accessories with them when they go to the shooting range. As long as your extra things (car keys, cell phones, etc.) fit in the bag, it can hold these items well.

Unlike other models of range bags, this item is also incorporated with stubs at the base. So if you need to put down your bag, it won’t rest on the floor. That will keep your range bag clean and free from dust, dirt, and grime when you transport it from one place to another.

This is really a well designed carrying bag as it allows for maximum usability without sacrificing ease of use and practicality. You will like that its zippered top can be opened partially so as to allow easy retrieval of a handgun without having to open the entire bag.

Being roomy is helpful too, as it gives you the option to carry an additional gun. This is a practical design for firearm enthusiasts who want to bring an extra handgun without lugging a really bulky range bag.

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One of the Best Range Bags for the Money

Although a little bit pricier than other brands and models of range bags, the Beretta Tactical range bag is considered a practical choice when selecting a storage case for transporting firearms. It has a rugged design that can withstand short and extended shooting sessions; and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

Its size allows you to carry up to 2 pistols with a bit more room remaining for some additional accessories too. You can therefore depend on just this one bag if you are only transporting 1 to 2 handguns. Earmuffs, extra magazines and ammunition can be conveniently carried with weapons too.

If you find that this model is a little bit too big for your needs, opt for the smaller and less expensive Beretta Tactical Small Range Bag.

Top Features of the Beretta Small Tactical Range Bag

Receiving the same positive reviews as the bigger bag, this small Beretta range bags’ approximate outside dimensions are 12″ long x 8″ wide x 7″ high, making it slightly smaller than it’s larger counterpart. The main compartment (inside) is roughly 10″ wide, 7″ tall, and 6″ front to back. This smaller version holds about 3-4 cartridge boxes as opposed to the larger size model.

Don’t let the smaller size fool you though, you can easily fit two full size guns along with regular ammo, eyes and ears protection without busting at the seams.

Owning either one of these bags will pair well with your Beretta firearm as they are intentionally made to carry those guns (but obviously can be used for others). Don’t hesitate on grabbing either one of these shooting range bags to guarantee successful range outings.  This Bulldog range bag review goes into detail on two range bags that carry a smaller and bigger version of each if you wanted to check them out.

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