Listing the Top 3 Best Pistol Range Bags

You’re a serious shooter, and you want a serious range bag. Your handguns are just as tough and focused as you are, and you want a range bag that reflects your streamlined approach. There are the obvious necessities, for example, your spare mags cannot be rolling around unrestrained and you would never toss your gun in loose and unprotected. When you hit the range for dedicated training time you want to be able to carry enough ammunition for some focused drills, and it would be nice to just reach into your pistol bag and pull out your hearing protection and favorite hat to keep hot brass from ricocheting off your face. You want order, but you want to keep it simple, and we understand.

When you’re up against the wall and you need to find the best pistol range bag for your range excursion, you want one that’s going to last the test of time. What you’ll find here are our top 2 picks for pistol range bags certain to give you years of value and reliability. Two of these range bags are also included in our top 5 overall range bags found on the homepage.

#1 – GunMate Range Bag

Dimensions: 16” x 8”x 7” and weighing 2 lbs.

This is a simple black bag for serious shooters. It’s meant for safely carrying your firearms and firearms-related gear to and from the range, and that’s what it does. You’re going to find a majority of owners who say they bought this pistol range bag because of the price (< $20). And it’s a valid point for people on a budget. But what we’ve found is these same owners are remarkably impressed by the value they are receiving in such an affordable bag.

Externally it’s made of flat black textured nylon, which can take a fairly substantial beating, and has the GunMate logo sharply emblazoned on its top in red. There is a large pocket on either side of the bag that runs the entire length and width of the bag, and each pocket is secured by zippers with eyelets. Those eyelets make it possible for you to lock your gear, keeping it secure.

Inside the pockets are padded pistol rugs, one per pocket for a total of two that come with the bag; the padded sleeves can each hold one pistol for safekeeping during transport and can be used to rest the pistol on when it isn’t in use during training. The main compartment is covered with a zippered rollup flap and opened using a padded pull strap for ease of use. Inside that compartment are hook and loop dividers, which can be removed at your discretion. There’s plenty of room inside for boxes of ammunition, protective gear, and any accessories you’d like to take along.

Spare mags are best kept in the outer pockets outside the padded pistol rugs. For carrying this bag features an adjustable shoulder strap and wraparound dual handles for added support. This is a good, basic shooting range bag, no muss, no fuss. You can read our full review of the GunMate in an individual review we wrote up.

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Cons: The biggest drawback to this bag is its lack of padding, but the included padded gun rugs can both protect your guns and act as protection for mags stored behind them, too.

#2 – BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag Sportster

Dimensions: 16”x 9”x 8” and weighing 2 lbs.

If you’re looking for a black pistol range bag with some heavy-duty features that delivers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, try this one from Blackhawk. Externally, it’s tough, made with 600 denier polyester; not only is it heavy-duty, it’s self-healing. Running at about the same price as the aforementioned GunMate bag, there are two main exterior slash pockets with zipper openings, and the zippers are interlocking and have eyelets, so you can use a lock to keep your gear secure.

You can keep spare mags, hearing protection, cleaning supplies, gloves, or whatever else you like to bring along in the exterior pockets for quick access.

The main compartment has a dual-sided opening with a zipper-pull handle, so you can open it easily, and includes a pair of Velcro-ended removable dividers for organizational purposes. Also included is a pair of padded handgun rugs with flannel lining, so your guns are protected not only from impacts but also from scratches. The bottom of the bag has a removable hard nylon insert for stability. You have plenty of room for everything you need for a great day at the range: your two favorite pistols, several hundred rounds of ammo, and assorted protective gear and accessories. This bag also has MOLLE webbing.

For carrying this bag features wraparound handles for increased support and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. This is a bag offering extra support and resistance to abuse, so if you’re hard on your shooting range bag, this is the one for you. We have dedicated a more complete review of this Blackhawk pistol bag that you can check out here.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on the BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag SPORTSTER Bag

Cons: Although this is a tough bag, the zippers do have a plastic feel and the material it’s constructed from seems more water-resistant than waterproof.

#3 – Glock 1 and 4 Pistol Range Bag

For diehard Glock owners who want to pair up their Glock firearm with a matching Glock pistol range bag, now’s your chance. Listed affordably around $15 (1 pistol) and around $40 (4 pistols), it’s hard to pass on the Glock brand name you’ve come to love over the years. We’ve done our best to give you a full overview of each of these Glock pistol range bags here.

The Bottom Line

Each of these bags are straightforward for range use. There’s no need to make a trip to the range or your favorite outdoor target spot complex, and with these simple bags, you can focus on what’s important: shooting. The compartments are large and will hold what you need for an afternoon of shooting, and the padded pistol rugs are sufficient for transporting your firearms to and from the range. If you like you could include a traveling cleaning kit and some lube or toss in your spare barrel if you plan to swap your semi-auto’s barrel out for some other-caliber drill time.

The GunMate bag offers those hook-and-loop dividers, which are so secure it’s easy to mistake them for having been sewn right into the bag, while the BlackHawk is made of extra-durable material. The Glock has sufficient inside and outside removable compartments for added flexibility.

Range bag reviews from thousands of shooters, both seasoned pros and newcomers alike, praise each bag for their space and durability. If you’re in the market for a range bag that is forthright in its presentation and tough in its construction, give one of these a try. Don’t let your next trip to the range become a complicated ordeal of tucking items away into a hundred tiny pockets. Get one of these basic range bags, and keep it simple.

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