Champion Electronic Ear Muffs Review

Research indicates that 1 in 10 Americans are affected by excessive noise exposure, and shooting is a common cause of hearing loss with peak noise levels coming in at 167 decibels, only exceeded by firecrackers. These numbers can be greatly reduced if you use the right electronic ear protection such as a pair of Champion Electronic Ear Muffs. Hearing impaired shooters are common to any gun range owing to years of shooting sans the appropriate protection.

Electronic Hearing Protection Expectations

Simply donning a pair of disposable ear plugs is not going to give you anywhere close to the protection you receive from specifically engineered shooting ear muffs. You can always opt for regular passive ear muffs, but unlike Champion ear muffs, they block out all the sounds such as important conversations, range commands and even scores called out at the gun range.

The premise of shooting ear muffs is quite simple, where the passive models do provide somewhat of an acceptable level of protection, Champion ear muffs go the extra mile with integrated microphones, separate volume controls for each ear and speakers that gather and amplify sounds.

Price generally dictates the quality of electric shooting ear muffs, but this is where ear muffs by Champion gain an added edge over its competition. For starters, they feature a microphone neatly embedded into the ear muffs and a stop type amplifier that basically shuts off when exposed to high decibel sounds. Cheap shooting ear muffs make it hard to gauge the direction of the sound at most times.

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Champion electronic shooting ear protection boasts advanced technology that permits the constant flow of low noise sounds, while able to block dangerous voices instantly. Furthermore, they are appointed with high a quality microphone that makes it easy to determine the direction of the sound, which is crucial for competition, tactical and hunting applications.

NRR (Noise Reduction) Ratings

Each pair of shooting ear muffs in the market is designated an exclusive noise reduction rating, and it is important to understand these ratings to get the right level of ear protection. The Champion electronic shooting ear muffs are assigned a 25dB NRR, which makes them perfectly suited for small caliber arms as well as long and normal handguns. The other noteworthy feature of Champion electronic ear muffs is that you don’t have to worry about dead batteries, as 4 AAA batteries will allow you to shoot for a straight 500 hours before asking for replenishment.

Highlights of Champion Electronic Ear Muffs

  • Integrated microphone
  • Separate sound level adjustment for each ear
  • Adjustable for best fit
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Features 25dB NRR (Noise Reduction) rating

If you love shooting and love your hearing capabilities just as much, refusing to spend under $30 on a pair of electronic earmuffs to protect yourself against the inevitable is sheer negligence.

Champion, although a budding name in the ear protection market, has managed to take the industry by storm for several reasons. Champion ear muffs can be had in non-electronic models as well, but it only makes sense to spend a few dollars more on a pair that offers superior ear protection. These headsets are explicitly designed for the outdoor range, and reduce the intensity of loud noises while simultaneously amplifying quite noises. The fit more than comfortably inside your typical range bag as they are collapsible and don’t take up too much room to compete with other range bag contents, coming in at a scant 15 x 9 x 5 inches.

Champion not only offers the best electronic ear protection at a price suited for all budgets, but is lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and provides class leading ear protection at 25dB noise reduction. Powered by four AAA batteries, Champion ear muffs allow you to adjust the volume of each ear individually, making it easier to listen or not listen to the noises around you. They are also appointed with two small yet handy compartments, one on each side. Adding to this, each ear muff is well padded and moisture resistant so they won’t easily damage by sweat.

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For an entry level headset, this pair of Champion ear muffs provides the same noise resistance of 25dB as one would expect from higher price electronic muffs. But it is also a good idea to wear a pair of ear plugs under the Champion ear muffs for enhanced ear protection especially if you’d like to use them indoors.

From the first time you put on the Champion electronic ear protection, you will realize just how comfortable they feel. Add to this, these ear muffs weigh just 12 ounces so you can enjoy this high level of protection without the bulkiness or discomfort. They are small and boast a compact footprint, and can be collapsed to be tucked away comfortably into literally any range bag and even your glove compartment.

It takes just a single shot to bid your hearing adieu so if you don’t already have the right ear protection, this would be the perfect time to invest in a pair of electronic ear shooting ear muffs. Champion electronic ear muffs are a great choice for all the reasons we mentioned but most notably you’ll get these features at a price that won’t break your piggy bank.

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