G.P.S. Large Range Bag Review

If you’re a shooter with a large collection of firearms, you know that keeping everything together to go to the range can be a real hassle. Between making sure you’ve got all your weapons, ammo, tools, eyes and ears, and targets, you’re lucky if you get to and from the range without leaving anything behind. Depending on how far away the range is and how busy your job and other commitments keep you, you deserve to get the most out of your limited range time. You deserve a large range bag made out of high-quality material to keep all your firearms neat and organized. You deserve the G.P.S. Large Range Bag. Let’s break down exactly why we plastered this bag at the top of our homepage..…

G.P.S. Large Range Bag Features

When G Outdoors describes this as a large range bag, they mean it; you’re getting a 20 x 13 x 11 inch bag, filled to the brim with pockets and sorting options. The main compartment is large enough to store even factory box cases, perfect for anyone who wants an added layer of protection without the added bulk of a full hard case.

On the inside roof, you’ve got labeled pouches for eyes and ears, as well as a tool pouch; if your sights are off, or if you’ve got a squib stuck in your barrel, you’ll have the tools on hand to fix it.

Moving on down to the front pouch, you’ve got seven magazine holders; you can have everything all set up even before you make it to the range, a great time saver for IDPA shooters. In short, the GPS range bag has got more than enough room for three or four handguns and enough ammo to keep you shooting for hours.

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Now, why would you need a bag this big? If you’re a new shooter, it’s a huge help to keep everything together, so you can avoid buying marked-up ammo at your range. If you’ve got multiple guns, you can shoot with the ammo you have, or the ammo that’s the cheapest. This is particularly useful for anyone trying to correct their technique; it’s much cheaper to practice new habits on a .22 target pistol than with a home defense .45 or a concealed carry .380.

Got a family? A huge range bag like the GPS is perfect; simply load up all of your handguns in one bag, take the family down to the range, and know exactly where everything is at all times. At any level, having more space will give you a lot more peace of mind, as well as a lot more options to optimize your range time.

Reviews of the Large Range Bag by GPS

If you read the range bag reviews online, you’ll find that they are almost entirely positive. Shooters at every level like the huge amount of space, claiming that they carry upwards of eight handguns and ammo, and the fact that every compartment on this bag is clearly labeled is also a great boon.  In addition, the ammo dump cups that come standard with each GPS Large Range Bag are extremely gratifying. Everything can easily be organized and carried off, so hand-loaders or anybody else who doesn’t want to leave brass lying around has an easy way to bring it all back in.

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Not quite ready for a bag that large? Try the Medium size bag.

There’s also the Tactical Range Bag and the Handgunner available as alternatives.

Any Critical Response?

Of the negative reviews concerning the GPS Large Range bag, most are related to less-than-perfect construction. If you prefer to shoot outside, or you’re in the habit of loading your bag to capacity every single time, you might notice some wear and tear after a while. Fortunately, the GPS Large Range Bag has a lot of interior space, so you can reinforce the inside with padding or a standing pistol rack to make sure nothing gets damaged. If you’re a bit handy with a needle, you could also fix this problem by sewing on some rubber feet.

Conclusion? Upgrade to it.

If your current range bag can’t hold all of your guns and accessories, the GPS Large Range Bag is a great bag to upgrade to. Having a large bag and clearly labeled compartments means you can carry all of your firearms to the range comfortably and, as long as you’re not excessively rough with it, this bag will do everything you need. While this may not be a great purchase for someone with only one handgun, anyone with three or more should definitely look into upgrading to this fantastic range bag.

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