G.P.S. Medium Range Bag Review

When shopping for a shooting range bag, the choices are literally endless so much so that it makes the experience quite overwhelming. Most of these bags are either poorly crafted with thin material, single stitched to break over time or finished with cheap plastic zippers and straps. The G.P.S. Medium Range Bag is distinct from the rest of these offerings simply because it does not showcase any of the above inferior qualities, and one glance at it will make this evident. Not only is the G.P.S. tactical range bag built robust and ready for its mission, it offers a visual appeal like no other.

The G.P.S. shooting range bag was conceived as a result of frustration by President of G-Outdoors, Patrick Gee, for the lack of durable range bags in the market. The G.P.S. shooting range bag weighs 6 lbs when empty and measures 15 x 12 x 12 inches, an in-between size for small to medium size handguns and just the necessary accessories for the range.  But it’s just a bag with zippers and maybe a few more pockets than others so what gives the G.P.S. shooting range bag an added edge compared to its counterparts?

Reasons to the Buy Medium Range Bag by G.P.S.

For starters, the G.P.S. range bag is crafted with 600 denier polyester fabric. Denier is a unit used to measure the fineness of certain fabrics, where 1 of them weighs 1 gram per 9000 meters of yarn.

So this indicates that 9000 meters of the fabrics yarn or 600 grams of polyester is used so you can just imagine the high level of construction you’re about to invest in. Adding to this, the G.P.S. range bag is further fortified with a waterproof backing laminate, which simply means that the bag can be dropped on the ground, tossed around in the back of your vehicle or soaked in the ocean and will still come alive.

Unlike other bags, this one doesn’t collapse even when wet owing to its laminate backing. The first effects of wear and tear are usually zippers and shoulder strap so the bag comes outfitted with oversized lockable zippers complete with nylon pulls and metal furnishings for the shoulder straps. That’s not all, the carry handles and shoulder straps are reinforced with box stitching for added strength. Nylon is woven throughout the entire G.P.S. medium range bag to prevent mildew and rot.

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One thing to note is we often refer to G.P.S. as a high quality designer of gun range adventurists and can’t miss bag due to the outstanding features and the overwhelming support from gun enthusiasts, as evidenced by excellent range bag reviews of the G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack and the Handgunner backpack.

Highlights of the G.P.S. Shooting Range Bag

  • Visual I.D storage system
  • Medium size so not overwhelming or cumbersome
  • Specialized pockets for tools, magazines, dump cups, glasses and more
  • Clearly marked compartments
  • Crafted from 600D polyester fabric
  • Reinforced with laminate backing
  • Metal finishing’s on the shoulder straps
  • Oversized lockable zippers
  • Does not collapse even while wet
  • Front pocket with five pistol magazine holders
  • Solvent or CLP elastic holders
  • Key clip
  • Cleaning rod holders
  • Hard base

More Features of the G.P.S. Range Bag

The G.P.S. range bag is simply a tough cookie, and is engineered by a marksman for marksmen. Even for a medium size range bag, it’s rather expansive interior allows you to accommodate your favorite pistols and ammunition and still have room for a few more in the side compartments. The bag does offer a few extras to ensure it satisfies the likes of the most discerning shooters. This includes a front flap that flips over the magazines to protect them is reinforced with a layer of rip-stop cloth to avoid frying and wear from occurring at the front of the backpack.

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Pat didn’t stop there, but designed the front and back pockets to accommodate additional packs of ammunition in case the center of the bag is already stacked. There are special pockets to for tape/pasters, ear muffs, binoculars, staplers and more. Apart from that, there are dedicated pockets for your ear plugs and shooting glasses, which have been velour lined for superior protection. The G.P.S. bag has a pocket for literally everything thing you need at the range, and if there isn’t one simply means you don’t need it!

This bag also features a plastic utility box to hold cleaning supplies or emergency tools, and an ammo dump cup for those who save their brass. The beauty of the bag is its Visual ID Storage System, which features photo realistic icons that are affixed to certain pockets to maximize the protection and storage for each item.

Final Thoughts

The G.P.S. medium range bag can be had in two colors – Digital Camo or Black, but regardless of which one you choose, you get a range bag that certainly leaves no room for disappointment.  Not overwhelming in size or price, it offers plenty of room for organized storage, and is simply a joy to tag along to the range.

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