G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack Review

The G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack has room for everything you need to carry for a quick (or long) trip to the shooting range. This backpack features three internal handgun storage cases, and it has an internal honeycomb frame that makes it tough and sturdy. Pockets are important and with four included outside zippered pockets you’ll always have space for ammunition and other important accessories. Let’s check out additional features.

Features and Accessories of the G.P.S. Backpack

Compartments for magazines and other accessories have a symbol from a Visual ID system to offer a clue to what should be held where so it’s easy to load up your bag as well as find what you’re looking for.  This backpack is constructed from sturdy nylon that has been treated with DuPont Teflon, so you can rest assured it is made to last.

Other features include a padded waist strap to keep the load stabilized, and it has room for accessories such as shooting gloves, holsters, a mag pouch, ear protection, ammunition, and more.  And because there is a place for everything, you will never get your gear mixed up, and you’ll always be able to find what you need quickly.  The bottom compartment of the bag is plenty spacious enough to fill with a large amount of belongings such as 500 rounds and two handguns.

This is the ideal backpack for those who engage in multiple shooting disciplines such as USPSA, 3 Gun, and IDPA, since it is organized so well.  You will never find yourself digging through this bag looking for something, as everything is easily within reach.  This GPS tactical range bag has a 3” X 5” clear plastic box with dividers that is ideal for storing away extra springs and other accessories.

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This GPS range bag also has a rain shield that can be deployed from a zippered pouch that is located near the top handle if you get caught in inclimate weather.  Unlike other bags that have internal pouches that are flimsy and easily torn, this bag has pouches that are well made with nylon, so there is no need to worry about rips or tears.

A Velcro loop is provided to hold rolled up paper targets, and the zippers are heavy duty and will not break off.  The zippers contain a YKK locking system in the handgun compartment to avoid any unsavory tactics. This backpack also scores points with firearm enthusiasts for being easy on the eyes, and it is comfortable to carry for men and women, as it is made lightweight, so you control how much gear and weight you want to carry. Features such as the MOLLE webbing system that is triple-stitched add to the look and feel of this backpack, and ensure it will last for years to come.

Drawbacks To This Backpack

Overall, there are not a lot of complaints from users of this backpack, but they should be noted.  The pistol sleeves are not of the quality of the rest of the backpack, and the magazine loops are not consistent in size. Pistol sleeves are padded which is a plus, but they are not large enough for anything above an average sized pistol.  If you have a longer-sized revolver, it won’t fully fit into the pistol holders.

Another concern is that when this backpack is fully loaded, the pull-out pistol holders do not close easily, and the size of your pistols do matter if you want to use all three pistol compartments.  Magazine pouches are a bit too large as they allow them to move around a bit too much, but overall, it is very well made and durable. This backpack is also on the pricey side when it is compared with similar range bag products as it is similar to the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag when comparing price and features. However, with G.P.S., you’re always going to get your money’s worth and you can expect a long shelf life for this range bag.

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In Summary

If you are a gun enthusiast who has a collection of smaller-sized handguns you enjoy practicing with on the range, this backpack is a good choice for you.  It comes with a variety of pouches and compartments that can hold everything you need to get in a solid day of target shooting. It is well made, and gets good marks across the board for durability as well as good looks.


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