Gunmate Range Bag Review

When going to the shooting range it is essential to have a quality range bag that can safely store your firearms and other shooting gear. There are a lot of choices out there, but one general purpose shooting range bag we have found to work quite well is the GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers. The #1 aspect this gun range backpack has going for them is the price, it’s certainly unbeatable (<$20) versus any other range bag you’re going to find that’s worth it’s weight. If you like bargains, then pay attention and you also won’t find this bag cutting corners on quality either.

This is more than a simple “gun bag” as it stores your ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, staple gun, cleaning kit and even a few targets.

The GunMate range bag represents one of the best pistol range bags for the money and one of its strengths is that it is not too bulky and does not scream “bag with a gun in it”, should you decide to bring the range bag into a non-firearm related business if you do need to stop on your trip to or from the shooting range. Thus, it can double as a carrying case for other non-firearm needs.

The GunMate Range Bag represents a solid and affordable choice for the novice or advanced shooter by nature of the simplicity of its design. It’s not going to compare to your 5.11 Tactical range bags but probably are more in line with the different size Smith and Wesson range bags we’ve reviewed. In essence, this shooting bag covers the basics when it comes to protecting your firearms and other shooting gear and is small enough to be extremely portable with the basic necessities safely contained within.

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Gunmate Range Bag Features and Pros

The GunMate Range Bag with Removable Hook and Loop Dividers is constructed of ballistic nylon to protect your guns and gear from the elements.

  • It measures 16″ in width by 8″ in height and 7″ in diameter, weighing under 2.5 lbs empty. This may not sound like it is a large enough range bag for some people, but the GunMate range bag will easily serve even the most ardent and devoted shooters for an excursion to the shooting range.
  • The shooting range bag will hold two pistols with ease inside two zippered side pockets on each side that are specifically padded with cushion to secure the pistols in place. No retaining strap is needed as the pistols won’t shift during transport.
  • Velcro dividers give you three sections to use with the main compartment, giving you the ability to store your ammo, ear muffs, eyewear , gloves, etc.  These hook and loop dividers allow you to customize the interior compartment to a degree and can even contain a nice pile of your spent brass cases when you return home to your reloading bench to get ready for your next trip to the shooting range. I’ve seen some people organize them to separate their Peltor hearing protection from the boxes of ammunition and Gargoyle shooting glasses.

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  • The main and side compartments feature zippers with large eyelets on the tabs to make them lockable and keep your range gear secure. The twin zippers of the main compartment share a handle to aid in easy access for the shooter. The zippers are extremely powerful, heavy duty and won’t snag.
  • The carrying handles are of the wrap around type to make it easier to access the main compartment and an adjustable shoulder strap allows you to easily carry this lightweight range bag even when it is full of ammunition.

Cons of GunMate 2 Pistol Bag

This range bag does have some room for improvement, however. First of all, the internal compartment could be made better with the addition of MOLLE to allow improved storage options. MOLLE could be placed on the outside to allow the mounting of name tags or morale patches. Even simple elastic loops to hold spare magazines, pens, sharpies, knives, multi tools or other miscellaneous gear would be a welcome addition.

The external compartments for this range bag could be better if they were padded to offer more protection for optics or whatever else you might decide to place in there. However, the biggest value with this range bag is the price and with these further additions, you’d be adding cost to the production. Many range bag owners are completely fine with the limited “extras” as long as it does the job of transporting their firearms safe and with ease. Thus, when you look at the low price of the GunMate range bag, you can understand why these were omitted.

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Concluding Thoughts

For its price, the GunMate range bag represents an outstanding buy for a range bag or gear bag to take with you when shooting. Whether you are a seasoned competitive shooter or a first time range plinker, you can most assuredly make use of this bargain priced range bag and experience years of enjoyment with it. It may lack the creature comforts of a larger range bag, but rest assured that it will do its job as a gun and gear hauler.

The low price of the GunMate range bag will allow you to spend the rest of your hard earned money on ammunition or other shooting gear to truly make your trip to the range an enjoyable one.

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