Maxpedition Compact and Multi Purpose Range Bag Reviews

Maxpedition is no slouch in the durable bag market and highly specialize in design and quality, which helped them grab a competitive edge right out of the gate. The rely on superior durability and ergonomics when they customize their bags, relying on the Maxpedition Standard of Design, Quality, and Craftsmanship. No corners are cut.

Maxpedition Compact Range Bag

The Maxpedition Compact Range Bag is efficient if you are looking for a durable and high quality bag that will transport all of your necessities when going to the shooting range.

It’s use is not limited to the shooting range, however, and you can use this bag for traveling or other activities outside of firearm usage.

With a 14 inch length, 9.5 inch height, and 10 inch width, this bag has all of the necessary storage room while still remaining lightweight and comfortable while on your shoulder. The bag has a number of different storage pouches so that you can keep your belongings organized and safe.

This is one of the best range bags available to you due to its effective design and high quality, meaning you will have a range bag that can last you for all of your adventures to the shooting range. Coming in both black and khaki, you will love the feel and color of this bag and be impressed by its long lasting quality. Read on for an informative and thorough range bag review that tells you all you need to know.

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  • Impressive storage capabilities
  • Includes a main compartment for maximum storage, as well as a zippered pouch and seven internal pouches for the safe storage of pistol magazines (located on the side of the bag).
  • Also contains a removable ammo tote that can be used to carry various handguns. It can easily be kept inside of the main bag while still leaving room for additional supplies.
  • Double stitching at stress points to ensure that the bag is capable of carrying all of your ammunition and firearms.


  • Made from durable nylon material with YKK zippers and para cord pullies that contribute to the bag’s sturdy feel.
  • Approximately 14″ (length) x 9.5″ (height) x 10″ (width)
  • The priority area contains an area of 13″ (length) x 9″ (height) x 7.5″ (width)
  • One spacious zippered pouch measuring 11.5″ (length) x 7″ (height) x 1″ (width)
  • One zippered slip pocket inside measuring 10.75″ (length) x 6.5″ (height)
  • Contains six 1.25″ (length) x 4.5″ (height) x 1″ (width) internal pouches for pistol mags


  • This range bag does not have any strong and distracting chemical smell.
  • The sturdy design enhanced with strong nylon gives you a safe and secure choice that will protect against any accidents. Internal padding also adds to this safety.
  • This bag is extremely adaptable and can be used to store any of the equipment you will need for a day at the range.
  • While cheaper range bags will require duct tape after prolonged use, and will become frayed and worn around the edges, this range bag is made from high quality nylon that will last through frequent usage.
  • The numerous internal and external pouches allow for safe organization and ensure that you will be able to find your supplies without any trouble.
  • The six magazine holders located on the side of the bag are perfect for holding multi-tools, double stack magazines, or two single stacks side-by-side.
  • A high number of consumers agree that this is one of the top range bags out there, carrying heavy amounts of ammunition without any stress.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty that will provide you with a refund or replacement if you ever run into any problems.


  • Some would suggest that the plastic clips on the straps are not a good choice for a bag meant to carry such heavy loads.
  • A few say this choice is a bit more expensive than other range bags, however, there are a few range bags available that will give you this type of long-lasting quality for a good price.
  • This range bag is deemed by some to be too small. If you are looking at a long day at the range with multiple firearms, sufficient ammunition, as well as protection and cleaning tools, then you may not have enough room. However, the range bag is definitely efficient for carrying your favorite supplies and just what you see as necessary.

Concluding Thoughts on the Compact Range Bag by Maxpedition

The Maxpedition Compact Range Bag is efficient and gets the job done. The materials used in the development of this bag are top tier and will ensure that your ammunition and firearms will be protected and safe from accidents. You will love the sturdy feel of this bag and be impressed by just how efficient it is.

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Comfortable on your shoulder, this small and compact bag is perfect for carrying all of your favorite supplies so that you can venture out to the shooting range with all of your tools and equipment stored in an organized manner. This way, you can focus on the main task at hand — practice your shooting and having fun, without the worry of not having enough storage.

Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag

The Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag is a sweet alternative to the Compact Range Bag, giving you versatility in a larger size and different colors to give you another option in the Maxpedition class. To the point, this back gives you more space than the compact bag, allowing for 1830 cubic inches (30 liters). It contains over 20 carrying stiff panel carrying compartments for all your belongings, all fully padded to protect your gear. It’s widely known as “hard use gear”, giving it an edge over other range bag brands.

It’s made from extra durable, stain resistant nylon and many people double its usage as a range bag for their handguns and a travel bag/briefcase for their work, making the MPB a smart choice for people on the move. Simply swap out the laptop and accessories for your handgun and ammo and you’re ready to go.

Maxpedition is undoubtedly a leader in range bags and provides you with a wide range of versatile and efficient choices. The Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag is another range bag in a long line of satisfying products that is sturdy and reliable, affording you with the option of heading to the shooting range without disturbances or missing components.

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A complementary brand that is comparable in price and quality to Maxpedition is 5.11 Tactical, where if you read here, you’ll find 2 quality range ready bags that are right up your alley.

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