Pink Range Bags – Choosing the Top 3

When you’re looking forward to a day of target practice, you need something to load all your necessary gear in. From ear protection to spare mags to trigger gloves, there are quite a few must-haves for a day at the range – or your favorite outdoor shooting spot. Many of us have a dedicated shooting range bag for specific guns or drills like pistols, and if you’re in the market for a pink range bag, we have a couple suggestions. Choosing a method of transportation for your gear doesn’t have to be complicated, and with our help you can easily note the features, pros, and cons of two popular Pink options. Let’s take a look at the most preferred pink range bags today, certain to give you the look and appeal you’re going for.

#1 – Explorer Range Gear

Dimensions: 16”x 10”x 10” and weighing 2.2 lbs.

Taking a look at this bag from the outside in, it’s certainly visually pleasing. It’s sleek black with pink edges, giving it the best of both worlds: the serious black of a Glock and the feminine touch of soft pink. This bag is quilted and padded, which keeps your gear safer, and is made with high-grade polyester.

Zippers on the 10 pockets and main compartment vary in size but all have eyelets meaning you’re able to use a lock to secure the contents if so desired. The large side pouch, which runs the full length of the bag, has 5 pistol mag loops inside so you can securely transport your spare magazines.

On the backside of the bag you’ll find a large Velcro field for name tapes, unit and morale patches, or any Velcro-backed item you’d like to affix to your pistol range bag. Also on the backside is a pocket that opens fully with zippers and includes an attached padded insert for separating an item from the two mag pouches that are large enough for standard AR-15 magazines.

On each end externally are pockets suitable for protective gear, shooting logs, or other miscellany. The main compartment, which opens using a zipper pull, has a solid bottom and multiple internal slit pockets. For carrying this bag comes with an adjustable pink padded shoulder strap and padded dual pink handles which can be velcroed together with the black wrap. Overall, this is a top-of-the-line bag for your day at the range.

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Cons: Although this range bag could be a bit larger, it makes up for that with superior padding.

#2 – Outdoor Connection Deluxe Range Bag

Dimensions: 16.5”x 12”x 8” and weighing 1.8 lbs.

If you’re looking for an all-pink range bag, you’ve found it. Of course, there are more reasons than the obvious to use a pink bag at the range, for example, your bag will stand out, making it far less likely to be picked up by someone else on accident. Externally, it’s made well with heavy-duty 600D Polyester Weather-Resistant fabric, and it’s easily cleaned.

The fact that the four external pockets are large is great because it means no trying to force large items into small spaces or rummaging through numerous pockets hunting for a particular item. External pockets have mag holders built in so you can secure your spare pistol magazines and also have enough room to fit extra gear besides.

The zippers have eyelets, so the bag’s contents can be secured using a lock, and withstand a fair bit of yanking and pulling. The main compartment opens with a zipper pull for speed and ease of use and includes a padded insert with Velcro ends to divide the interior space if so desired.

There’s plenty of room for a few handguns and multiple boxes of ammunition with room leftover for ear protection, gloves, mats, and whatever else you like to take along for your day slinging lead down-range. For carrying, you’ve got an adjustable black shoulder strap with a pink pad and dual padded handles which can be Velcro-ed together. This is a great bag and gives you that feminine touch as well.

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Cons: This bag doesn’t have as much built-in padding as some, but it does have ample storage space and a tough leather bottom.

#3 – Explorer Duffel Bag, Camo

Some people want a little camoflauge look as part of their pink range bag to give it a little style and flair. This pink camo range bag by Explorer certainly does the trick. The dimensions are 13″ x 9″ x 7″ and it’s the same tough 600D polyester material you see in many of the other top range duffel bags on the market.

Contains 2 side pockets, 1 big long pocket along the front, and 2 mesh front pockets for smaller accessories. There’s a shoulder strap and 4 rubber stuns underneath so the bottom of the bag doesn’t chafe or get dirty.

It can easily double as a diaper bag or carrying bag for belongings other than firearms, so consider this range bag has multiple uses when you’re considering buying it.

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The Bottom Line

All of these bags are fashionable-yet-functional, affordably priced, and versatile. They can be used for a day at the range, as well as storing your gear in between outings, or repurposed as go bags. The Explorer offers a bit more padding and protection while the Outdoor Connection bag offers a bit more wide-open storage and, of course, more pink. The Camo duffel bag gives you appeal and plenty of storage space.

Each bag can carry more than one handgun, several hundred rounds of ammunition, and all the necessary protective gear and basic accessories you need while shooting. Some shooters, myself included, own one of each: one packed to the gills with guns and ammo and the other packed with multiple sets of eyewear, ear protection, gloves, mats, a multi-tool, spare holsters, speed loaders, and more. You simply cannot go wrong purchasing these fantastic shooting range bags, and although they’re marketed for pistol use, they can certainly be used for shotgun shells and bipods.

Read some range bag reviews for the answers to unaddressed questions, and get to it. Don’t toss your valuable gear or your favorite handgun in just any bag, buy a good range bag, and prove you’re a serious shooter.

What Else You Should Know?

Bags designed with your firearms and related accessories in mind are more than just a cloth sack to toss your belongings into. If you were to simply pile your things into a backpack or duffel, the contents would roll around and become a tangled, scraped mess. But with the gear-specific loops, tabs, and pads of a real range bag, your valuable gear stays safe, intact, and easily accessible. It’s not just about convenience, although it’s certainly nice to find your spare mags lined up right where you left them, it’s also about taking care of your equipment. Damaged mechanisms, torn or cracked protective wear, and even cosmetic damage to your favorite handgun can all happen if you use just any bag. Protect your gear by kitting up with care.

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