Reactive Splatter Targets – Finding the Best

Reactive or splatter targets take target shooting to a whole new level.  The targets reveal a fluorescent color each time the target is hit, making them a truly eye-catching shooting accessory available today.  Whether it’s for law enforcement training, competition shooting, or for just plinking on the range, targets certainly make up a fair share of the market when it comes to shooting accessories.

Since a fluorescent bullet hole appears each time the target is hit, the need for a spotting scope, binoculars or to physically walk down to see your shooting results are all eliminated.  You can easily see each of your shots at a distance. They are similar in nature to Shoot-n-c targets discussed previously. But do splatter targets really hold up to all the hype? Let’s take a look at the features of reactive splatter targets.

Features of Reactive Targets

  • Reactive targets come in a variety of different colors and designs allowing the shooter to improve their accuracy by seeing the hits on the target instantly. This practically eliminates the need for a spotting scope to walk down to the target after every few shots.
  • Most reactive targets are designed to withstand multiple rounds due to a strong, reinforced board. Some targets will continue to last even after a thousand rounds from a variety of calibers, giving you great value per target.  This holds true for rifles, shotguns, and handguns alike.
  • They are tried and true shooting instruments, used commonly by military, law enforcement and everyday civilians. They have become significantly more prominent for accuracy training regiments by policemen in training and military service members.
  • Reactive targets come in a variety of different styles and designs, ranging from traditionally looking targets to Zombie-themed targets to life-size silhouettes.

Overall, they’ll last longer on the range than you may give them credit for, adding a whole new element to shooting targets. They’ve been tested to work by military and law enforcement alike, and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Owning a gun is one thing, but shooting proficiently with it is another  By all means, reactive targets are an excellent avenue for any shooter to become proficient with their preferred firearm.

Top 2 Splatter Targets

That being said, there are many options on the market that don’t stand up to repeated tests like the big boys do. Let’s take a look at the top 2 splatter targets you can buy.

50 Pack – 12″ X 18″ Silhouette Splatter Target

The Silhouette Splatter Target is one of the most quality reactive targets you purchase and countless five star reviews back that up.  It offers everything you would expect in any splatter target system, as well as some additional features of its own.

One of the best features of the silhouette splatter target is that its constructed out of a heavy duty, non-adhesive tag board.  This means that the target can take literally dozens, if not hundreds, of shots and still be usable.  Considering that this target comes in a pack of fifty, it’s hard to argue that you won’t be getting top value for your money.

The impact holes on the Silhouette Splatter Target are a bright, florescent yellow.  They’ll appear as soon as the target is hit, so just like any other splatter target system, you’ll see your shot placements and groups as soon as you pull the trigger.  The particular yellow bullet holes on this target system can be easily seen in all light conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Even people who have reduced vision will be able to see the rounds hit their mark.

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As for the physical makeup of the target, there’s a silhouette of a human figure with a target system in the torso and the head, with two additional targets on either side of the head, set against a yellow sheet. The Silhouette Splatter Target is excellent for nearly any kind of firearms system: rifles, shotguns and handguns.  They also work amazingly well with air rifles, pellet and BB guns, and even high powered airsoft guns. Paired with a quality range bag like the Glock 4 Pistol bag or the G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack, you’ll be able to shoot multiple firearms on your excursion with running out of targets.

60 Pack – 6″ Reactive Splatter Targets – Gun and Rifle Targets

Just like any other reactive gun target, the Glowshot Gun and Rifle Targets are designed to produce a florescent, colored ring around each hit.  The beauty of splatter targets to begin with is that the shooter can observe their shot placements from a distance as they shoot.  In use with the military, law enforcement, and everyday civilians alike, splatter targets work very well for firearms, pellet and BB guns, and high powered airsoft rifle.

The Gun and Rifle Target by Glowshot  is a reactive target you should consider with a number of highs to speak of but also some faults of their own.  The targets measure 6.5″ X 6.5″ and is designed to work well in varying temperatures.  The adhesive on the target means that they can withstand temperature that are twenty degrees Fahrenheit below zero.  The actual paper stock of the target is also very high in quality.

The entire target is highly visible from a distance.  The different color zones make it easy for you to discriminate between the different areas of the target and recognize your accuracy as you shoot.  A 60 pack of these targets are also very fairly priced, coming in at under $15, making them an excellent bargain. As far as value is concerned, this is one of the best reactive targets on the market.

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If there is a notable downside to the Glowshot Gun and Rifle Target, it’s that they are non-stick.  You’ll have to use a stapler to attach the target to whatever it is you’ll be shooting against (tree stump, plywood, etc).  This shouldn’t be a huge issue for many people, since most traditional targets require you to set up the target in the same manner, but many shooters might still expect a splatter target to have an adhesive material to attach to materials.

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