Review of G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

G.P.S. has designed one of the best shooting range bags to date with their new Handgunner Backpack. With enough storage room to carry four medium sized handguns, 12 magazines, tons of ammo, safety glasses, ear protection, tools and cleaning supplies, this backpack easily holds all the gear you need for a day at the range. G.P.S has incorporated their Visual ID System, an exclusive feature of only their products, which provides easy to identify symbols showing the intended storage area for each piece of gear. There is a designated place for all of your equipment in the Handgunner bag and the Visual ID System allows you to find all of it easily instead of digging through an unorganized mess.

Features of the Handgunner Backpack by G.P.S.

These range bag designers made an absolutely ingenious move by incorporating a slide out gun cradle into the design of this shooting range bag. Your handguns will sit vertically into the custom made, high density foam cradle in the lower compartment. They can be easily accessed no matter how full the bag is by opening a large, zippered pouch in the front.

From there, you can either remove one gun at a time, leaving the remainder inside, or remove the entire cradle for fast and convenient access. Once you’ve spent all your ammunition at the range, the foam cradle can be removed and used to neatly store guns in your safe.

Made with a rigid, free-standing design, this backpack maintains its form whether filled to capacity or nearly empty, even with the cradle removed. The G.P.S range bag is made with high-quality polyester and top notch stitching. The duel zippers are durable and have holes large enough to fit a small lock if desired. There are even external Velcro straps for carrying paper targets for those outdoor, bring-your-own-target type of ranges.

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The waterproof pull over cover will keep your gear dry and protected if you ever find yourself caught in the rain. The padded straps and back piece make the backpack comfortable to wear and much easier to carry than most gun bags. With so many great features in such a compact form, the Handgunner Backpack really is the perfect shooting range bag for any gun enthusiast.

Other Features

  • Free standing backpack
  • Visual Identification Storage System
  • Two large main compartments
  • Upper compartment holds ear protection, ammunition, and more
  • Lower compartment contains slide out foam gun cradle
  • Foam cradle holds 4 small to medium-sized handguns in a protected vertical position
  • High density foam cradle custom CNC machine cut to support guns safely by their trigger guard
  • Seven additional external storage pockets
  • Heavy-duty lockable zippers
  • Waterproof pull over rain cover


  • Bag Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 19 in.
  • Lower Handgun Compartment Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 7 in.
  • Weight: 1 1/2 lbs
  • Color: Black or digital camo


            The hands-free design of this tactical bag will make transporting all of your gear to the range easier than ever. What likely took you three separate cumbersome bags or containers to carry before is all stored in one convenient backpack. Now you can keep your gear organized instead of endlessly searching through those duffle bags of the past. Although you would expect a bag with this much storage to be large and overbearing, it fits nicely into even the most cramped shooting range lanes. For a slight uptick in price, but for some additional features and add-ons, you can also check out another G.P.S. product, the Tactical Backpack.


            This G.P.S. range bag has an abundance of positive traits. It will allow you to carry all of your tactical gear comfortably and hands free. The Visual ID system keeps your equipment organized and there is truly a spot for any gear you could need at the range. The bag itself is durable yet it’s so nice looking that it remains discrete.

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            You’ll have a hard time finding much negative to say about this G.P.S tactical range bag. Although it can accommodate almost any sized handgun, it is designed to be used with small to medium sized handguns, which can pose a problem if you have large guns. Larger handguns will easily fit into the upper compartment of the bag, but they don’t benefit from the added protection of the foam cradle. The removable cradle is only made to holds four guns, so if you need to carry more than four handguns at once you may find the storage to be inadequate.

Wrapping Up

            This G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack will absolutely simplify your life at the range and makes a solid investment for any gun owner. You’ll be able to transport all of your gear in one convenient, heavy duty bag. Its unique and well thought out design elements set it apart from other range bags. The G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack is the best range bag for your money, and has one of the smartest designs currently on the market.

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