Reviewing Steel Shooting Targets

Steel targets have become increasingly popular in the past few years compared to their paper counterparts and for several good reasons. The typical paper target works great for zeroing and other shooting activities, but can be hard to determine the point of impact without a spotting scope as the distances increase. They also differ from reactive targets that splatter and light up to identify the area in which the target was struck. Steel targets contrarily are perfect for both beginner and seasoned shooters and provide an audible and visual effect when struck. That said, if you’re looking to add a “Bang” to your shooting training regime or simply enhance its efficiency, listed below are 3 steel targets to explore.

AR500 Metal Targets 4″ X 1/2″

Manufactured in the USA, the 4″ X 1/2″ AR500 Metal Targets are perfectly suited for use as pistol or rifle targets, and are a preferred choice for even the most discerning shooters. When used correctly, these shooting steel targets are bound to go a long way, and are an unrivaled investment to hone and increase the efficiency of your shooting skills. CNC machined and precision cut on a water jet, these AR500 steel targets are bolstered with holes for easy mounting with a compatible mounting kit (sold separately).

AR500 is a designation for abrasion resistant steel that is similar to the hardness of armor plating. These widely used steel plate targets have a Brinell hardness of 235-300, which is industry recommended for shooting with a centerfire cartridge. But it is important to mount these steel rifle targets so that they can be safely shot at.  Mounting steel shooting targets can be done in several ways, but the best and safest way is to use the mounting hardware recommended by the manufacturer. You can however cut costs by streaming conventional metal chains through the holes of the 4” AR500 metal shooting targets, but going this route increases the chances of blowing the targets right off the base.

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The stands, bases and mounting brackets designed for the 4” metal shooting targets are crafted from high quality steel, and will not damage easily even with repeated bullet strikes. The recommended range for shooting the AR500 metal targets with pistols is 15 yards, rifle shooting 100 yards and 22 rimfire at a minimum range of 100 yards.

Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong

The Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong is engineered exclusively to render the perfect combination of sound and motion. These portable steel rifle targets are built with industry leading superior quality ar500 steel, making them extremely durable and able to resist shots from the highest powered handguns and rifles. Caldwell shooting steel targets arrive complete with everything you need to get started including a free-standing frame, chains and gong. The overall size of these steel plate targets is 38 in. wide x 33 in. tall, where the gong itself measures 9.25” in diameter and is 3/8” thick.

For precise shooting, these Caldwell steel rifle targets are designed to hang 18” above the ground, and supported by a steel tubing frame, which requires no tools for assembly. With regards to portability, these targets weigh just 25 pounds and easily fit into any normal size shooting bag. This lineup of ar500 steel targets is designed to be shot at from a distance of 100 yards, but impact velocities of 3,000 fps and below is highly recommended to increase service life. There’s nothing more thrilling than hearing an audible “clang” or the sight of metal shooting targets spinning in response to your well-placed shot.

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The Caldwell Rifle Gong is perfect suited for beginners as well as seasoned shooters and is great way to take your shooting skill to a whole new level. For a metal shooting target that will last through literally thousands of shots, the Caldwell Rifle Gong is a target worth exploring.

Rifle Targets 6″ x 1/2″

These 6” Shooting Steel Rifle targets are a preferred choice of savvy marksmen for a ton of reasons. They are crafted of ballistic grade AR500 steel and CNC laser cut for superior build quality. The laser cutting process reduces the heat and maintains the Brinell rating of the targets. Appointed with 1/2″ mounting holes, these 6” steel plate targets are ideal for enhancing your shooting skills, increasing accuracy, and an excellent and efficient alternative to paper shooting targets.

6” steel rifle targets such as this one are a perfect choice for handguns to .44 magnum and rifles to .308 Winchester. These flat 1/2 inch steel targets will deflect the bullet downwards and away, and a safe shooting distance would be approximately 30 yards.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to shoot steel shooting targets before, you’re definitely missing out on the action. The audible and visual appeal provided by ar500 steel targets is much more satisfying that shooting paper targets. In fact, shooters are bound to improve their proficiency by over 50% with reactive metal shooting targets compared to paper shooting targets. Durable and maintenance free, this range of 6” AR500 steel shooting targets have no cracks of welds to repair so you can stop worrying about their longevity and focus more on honing your shooting skills.

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It is however important to mount these targets as recommended by the manufacturer for a safe shooting experience. Target mounts produced by the manufacturer feature a one size fits all design, and are engineered to increase your hit capacity. If you’re looking for an unmatched shooting experience, these AR500 6” shooting targets will definitely not disappoint.

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