Roma Safeguard Deluxe Tactical Range Bag Review

It’s a fact that whether you’re a first time shooter or a professional who depends on their firearm every day, range time is absolutely essential to owning and respecting your handgun. Unless you have your own private range, this is going to mean making sure you have all your firearms, ammo, magazines, tools, targets, eye and ear protection, and maintenance accessories before you even get out the door.

What you really need is a good tactical range bag for your pistols so that from the moment you get onto the range to the moment you leave, you know exactly where your weapons are at all times. If you’re looking for a great high-quality range bag (either for yourself or for a friend), you can’t go wrong with the Roma Safeguard Deluxe Padded Tactical Range Bag. But why?

Features of the Roma Safeguard Range Bag

If you want to get technical, a Roma range bag does the same thing as any other range bag; it keeps your stuff together in one place. With that logic, you could just throw all your guns in a Ziplock bag if you wanted to keep them together. Unlike a Ziplock bag, or any other cheaply made range bag, the Roma Safeguard was designed to take abuse.

Just looking at the basics on this range bag, you already know that this bag was designed to be all-weather; Made out of heavy duty waterproof Denier nylon and fully padded, this bag works as well in outdoor ranges as it does for indoor target practice.

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Of course, just keeping things together isn’t all that great if you can’t easily carry it around; that’s why the Roma Safeguard has handles and shoulder straps made out of the same tough Denier nylon and secured by four oversized clips. Simply unclip the shoulder strap, stow it in your bag, and it’s now no longer in your way, something that’s a bit harder to do on bulkier hard cases. Wherever you set this bag, it’s going to keep your guns and tools together and, more importantly, high and dry even in the toughest conditions. In addition, the Roma Safeguard also comes with its own soft pistol case, so you can give your gun that added bit of protection out on the range.

Locking Zippers

Getting away from the shooting range and taking your range bag out in public, you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder every five minutes making sure someone hasn’t messed with your firearms. Whether it’s a child playing around or a thief trying to steal your gun, or worse, an attacker trying to use your gun against you, safety should always be your top concern. Fortunately, for Roma, it is, which is why the zippers on the Roma Safeguard’s main compartment can be locked.

While this doesn’t replace having a gun safe, it does provide a great measure of protection when your guns are in transit. For added safety, the soft pistol case that comes with the Roma Safeguard can also be locked; lock one or both to ensure that nobody touches your weapon without your approval.

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Reviews & Drawbacks of the Tactical Lockable Range Bag by Roma

When range bag reviews talk about the Roma Safeguard, the results are almost always positive, calling this tactical range bag “bulletproof”, “rugged”, and “solid”. Reviewers praise its sturdy construction and how easily they can organize their gear, as well as the fact that, for a soft case, it can be filled to the brim and still not rip or tear.  Whether you’ve only got one gun and want to carry a lot of ammunition, or three or four guns, the reviews agree; you can carry anything and everything you’d ever need for a day of pistol shooting in this bag and, whatever the conditions outside, it won’t let you down.

There is really only one drawback for the Roma Safeguard, and even that isn’t really specific to this bag; at the end of the day, this bag, like most other range bags was just designed to carry equipment from point A to point B. If you’re looking for a concealed carry bag, or a bag where your gun is always ready to fire, this just isn’t that bag.

Conclusion? Worth it.

At just under fifty dollars, this range bag is an incredible value for anybody who takes their pistols out to the range on a regular basis. It keeps your stuff together, it’s not going to rip or break down on you, and it’s big enough to carry everything you and your shooting partners need for a full day of practice.

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