Ruger Range Bag Review

If you’re a shooter, odds are you probably have a range bag, and if you’re a serious or competitive shooter, you probably have more than one. But you can’t use just any bag to store and carry your various firearms accoutrements, in fact, you need a bag specifically tailored to suit your needs. Not only should your range bag be of excellent quality, it should have the features necessary to make your time at the range as enjoyable as possible. When you waste time digging through a tangled mess of gear trying to locate an allen wrench, your good time has a tendency to be ruined; with that in mind, let’s take a look at this range bag from Ruger.

Ruger is a well-known firearms manufacturer that was founded back in 1949 by William Ruger and  Alexander Sturm out of a little rented shop in Southport, Connecticut. The first pistol made under the Ruger name was a .22 caliber called the Ruger Standard.

And although they got their start with the .22, they soon moved on to bolt-action rifles, shotguns, and a variety of revolvers and semi-auto handguns. It’s only natural that a powerhouse in the firearms industry would come out with a range bag, because who knows better just what is needed from a range bag than the company making the guns themselves?

Ruger Range Bag Features

To produce this range bag, Ruger turned to Allen Company. The Allen Company is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and is a leading manufacturer of firearms accessories such as gun cases and, of course, range bags. They’re known for their dedication to quality and giving sport shooters and hunters not only what they want, but what they need, and the Ruger Range Bag is an excellent example of that dedication.

  • Weight and Material

The Ruger Range Bag weighs 2.4 pounds empty and is black with a red Ruger emblem embroidered onto the front. It’s exterior is made of rugged 600 Denier Nylon, which is absolutely tough enough to stand up to the wear-and-tear shooters put their bags through on a regular basis, and it’s interior is made of 210 Denior Nylon, which is softer and gentler on the items you’re likely to store in your bag. In addition, the sides and bottom are padded which is good because it keeps your gun-related gear protected. It’s a must to have a range bag made of durable material and with extra padding in the lining, and with this range bag, you — and your gear — are covered.

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  • Storage and Space

Of course, it isn’t just the way a bag is made that matters. Storage is about more than just empty space, because no shooter wants their protective gear tangled up with their spare mags. The top of the bag opens using a handle attached to the zippers on either side of the compartment, which run along the full length of the bag’s top. Inside the Ruger range bag is an 11.5” x 7” compartment bordered by 6 magazine pouches so you can stash your larger items, such as full-sized ear protection and trigger gloves, in the main compartment and tuck your extra mags into their own specific spots. Not all range bags offer spare mag storage, but Ruger’s does. But that’s not all.

In addition to this range bag’s internal storage there’s a removable ammo carrier. The carrier has handles and is large enough to hold multiple 50-round boxes of ammunition as well as your shooting log, ink pen, and a few other small odds and ends. And, of course, there’s a removable pistol rug, so you can protect your gun from dirty or potentially damaging surfaces. The rug can also be used as a clean surface when you’re cleaning your handgun after a day at the range.

  • Added Components and Extras

For ease of use the bag also has a padded, adjustable, and detachable shoulder strap. We’ve all been there, wanting only the shorter padded handles to tote our gear to the range; when the longer strap is just getting in the way, you can remove it. When you want it back, simply reattach it. There are also zippered slash pockets on either end of the bag as well as fully zippered external pockets on either side. And as an added bonus, there are 3 rows of MOLLE loops on the outside of the rear side’s pocket, so you can attach extra gear or storage compartments as you deem necessary.

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The Ruger Range Bag is large enough to hold the necessities without being overly large, because the last thing you want is a heavy bag laden down with all manner of random objects. Whether or not you carry one or more of your handguns in your range bag – which you could, since the external pockets are padded – the rest of the bag provides ample space for the remainder of your gear.

  • Other Gear for Your Ruger Range Bag

When you hit the range you should be carrying obvious items such as ammunition, hearing and eye protection, trigger gloves, and spare mags, but there’s more. Don’t forget to take along compact cleaning kits for those times your gun isn’t cycling smoothly and needs a quick on-the-spot cleaning, a rag, a squib rod to clear bullets stuck in your pistol’s barrel, a gun tool, a brass bag for spent casings, a knife, and a small first-aid kit. It also can’t hurt to include a spare set of ear protection, and if you’re capable of performing minor repairs, add a weapon-specific field pack. And all of that can be tucked into your Ruger Range bag, which is tough enough to stand up to whatever you throw at it – or it at.

Concluding Thoughts

When you hit the range, you need to go prepared to handle whatever your gun might need. The last thing you want is a malfunction or gunked-up slide to stop you from having a good day at the range, and with the right supplies stashed in the right range bag, you’ll be covered. If you want a range bag that’s both durable and large enough to carry the necessities, get your hands on a Ruger Range Bag. In the world of firearms, practice really does make perfect, and you won’t get the practice you need without having the right gear long. Are you looking for a successful day at the range? Ruck up with the Ruger Range Bag.

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