Top Performing Shoot-N-C Targets

Shoot-N-C targets by Birchwood Casey have been a prominent fixture in target shooting for over 60 years, and are a perfect complement to the ideal range bag you’ve discovered. These targets have made it easy for shooters to see the outcome of their shot without the use of any secondary instruments. Each time the target is hit, the entry point of the bullet is displayed with a brightly colored ring that is clearly visible from a distance to the naked eye.

The Round Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C Self-Adhesive Targets come in both 6-inch and 8-inch sizes.  These shoot and see targets are made for the man or woman who is serious about perfecting their aim. When the bullet impacts the target, colors explode at the entry point of the bullet.  They are ideal for a wide range of guns including airguns, rifles, and handguns.  These targets can be used as  props for shooting games with your friends, or as a tool to help you adjust your shot for fast moving targets.

Round Birchwood Casey Shoot–N–C Self-Adhesive Targets — Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a practice target that will give you instant feedback on your aim without having to walk long distances or squint through a spotting scope after every shot, these are the shooting targets for you.  All you have to do is shoot away and adjust on the fly.

Both the 8-inch and 6-inch package contains dozens of targets, an excellent bargain that not even Wal-Mart can beat, as they charge close to two times the price of these targets.  They are also a small fraction of what you will be charged for targets at a gun range.  Each target is simple to affix as they are peel and stick labels that are ideal for almost any clean and flat surface.

Each of the 60 targets has four pasties that can be used to peel off and stick to the target after you have peeled off a few shots.  They are big enough to cover holes from a large caliber handguns and are useful for extending the life of each target for at least another round of shots.

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These shooting targets are ideal for outdoor use, as they work well with pellet rifles and guns, and they work just as well inside for sport shooting and practice at the range.  They are easy to carry, and as simple as it gets to use since they adhesive backs take away the need to bring tape or a staple gun to set up the target.

These shoot and see targets are easy to see with a chartreuse on black color scheme that is easy to see even for those who do not have the best eyesight.  It can also be easily seen in low light conditions.  If you are slightly to seriously vision impaired, you’ll want to be sure and order the 8-inch targets.  If you are looking to become highly accurate with your shots, you’ll want to opt for the 6-inch targets.

Great for the experienced shooter, or a novice, these targets offer instant feedback and can be seen from well over 100 yards away if you have a scope.

Cons of the Round Birchwood Casey Shoot–N–C Self-Adhesive Targets

There is a vast amount of review information available for these Round Birchwood Casey Targets, and a large majority of that feedback is extremely positive.  But there are some consumers out there who were not happy.  Some of the users felt the targets were too small.  A few were put off by the price as compared to simple paper targets.

Since they are self-adhesive, these shooting targets may not stick as well in cold weather conditions, on cold surfaces.  That was a concern of some of the people who have used these shoot and see targets.

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Final Thoughts

These Birchwood Casey Targets are ideal for almost any caliber weapon.  They provide fast feedback as to where your shots are hitting, and come in two sizes.  Each size package comes with plenty of targets and patches, and they can be used outdoors, or indoors at your local shooting range.

There are no other shoot and see targets that are easier to use anywhere.  There is no need for tape or staple guns, simply peel and stick them where you want them and you’re ready to start shooting away.  Great for games for fun, or use as a tool for the serious shooter, these Birchwood Casey targets can be seen from short and long distances, so you can adjust your aim and take note of just how good – or bad – your shooting skills are.

While there are complaints with these shooting targets, they are rather trivial in nature, and the price is hard to beat, as you won’t find cheaper shoot and see targets anywhere.  If you are serious about improving your skills as a marksman, these shooting targets are a logical and sensible choice.

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