Smith and Wesson Range Bag Reviews

Just recently, the Allen Company has teamed up with Smith and Wesson to co-develop a series of range bags that meet the needs of recreational shooters all the way up to law enforcement. The designs are simple and purposeful, made with a shooter in mind, and are meant to withstand heavy usage. Before a new range bag is made, feedback is retrieved by the design time and is put into play for the next project.

Made by the Allen Company (who also sport a collection of their very own range bags reviewed here) and Smith and Wesson, you can select one of these these top 4 range bags, starting with the M&P Pro Series Tactical Range Bag.

Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Series Tactical Range Bag

If you’re into pockets, then the Pro Series Tactical will not disappoint because this bag will have more pockets than you know what to do with. If you’re the type of person that prefers to carry quite a bit with you to the range, this is an ideal bag at a really great price (sub $50).

  • Space

It measures 13″ x 10″ x 9″ and contains 10 internal magazine holders, 6 accessory pockets, 2 interior handgun compartments. The availability of pockets enables you to store just about everything you want to bring.

The two outside front and back zipper pockets can carry two guns each with an inside zipper pocket holding another handgun. One handgun rug is included in the purchase.

Many have reported being able to carry between 3 and 6 handguns with ease, depending on how many other accessories you’re bringing with. An example of just how full you can store this bag would be your 9mm M&P, 9mm shield, ears and eye protection, cleaning kit, 300-500 rounds of ammo, and 5-10 magazines. That’s not to mention 1-2 more handguns in addition.

  • Craftsmanship

The bag is nothing but well built and constructed, using 1200D Endura material that is praised universally. There is solid stitching throughout and leaves it on par with many bags triple in price. It’s a sturdy bag that won’t leave you replacing it in a few years. Included is a padded shoulder strap that can simply be removed if you prefer carrying it by the handle without the strap dangling around your knees.

  • Pros

There’s a lot to love here and I’m not afraid to say this is one of my favorite range bags due to its size and versatility. The middle pocket for magazine holders is a nice touch and tons of outside pockets for other storage gives you ample room to bring tons of accessories. The range bag reviews on this Smith and Wesson M&P Pro Series bag is overwhelmingly positive with over 90 four and five star reviews all shouting their love for the amount of pockets and space this bag allows for. I would put this up against the 5.11 Tactical range bags as far as quality and affordability.

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  • Cons

Not surprisingly there aren’t too many negatives to come out of this bag. For one, it doesn’t lock and that is unfortunate — it only has zippers but no mechanism to keep it fully secure. Also, the provided rug is secured by Velcro and that makes it somewhat flimsy and can be knocked around if the bag is stored to the brim. However, it can easily accommodate your own handgun rugs and fit inside with ease.

Smith and Wesson M&P Sporter Range Bag

This economical Sporter range bag is an ideal purchase for gun owners who don’t want to fork over big bucks but still get a quality bag in return. Weekend warriors and those who want to keep up on their shooting skills will thoroughly enjoy the versatility this range bag offers.

Let’s take a closer look at the top features of the Smith and Wesson Sporter that has won over enthusiasts that need room in their bags.

  • Durability

The 1200D Endura material is strong and durable, ensuring your rugged range bag excursions can handle some tussling and tugging. It has a reinforced, well stitched, dual zipper opening and a shoulder strap that can be removed if you just prefer the handles.

  • Space

The M & P range bag measures a total of 10” x 9” x 15” and you may be surprised at the amount of stuff you can fit inside. The bag is meant to carry two handguns inside the included rugs, with about an 11” inch firearm length being about the maximum. Any carrier of this bag should be careful because there are openings on both sides (one with Velcro), so one must take caution else the handguns could fall out.

Many owners have reported being able to fit 2-3 firearms with comfort, such as a 1911 and M&P 45 plus an S&W Sigma 9mm compact, for example. In addition, you can carry extra magazines (no designated mag holders though), multiple boxes of ammo, ear protectors, glasses, cleaning gear, shooting gloves, and more.

On the outside of this Smith and Wesson range bag, there are 3 external pockets for every more storage room, two 15” x 7.5” and one 12” x 6” pockets, making this one of the best range bags for the amount of storage you get in a well-priced range bag.

  • Pros

Not surprisingly, there are ZERO 1 and 2 star reviews on Amazon, and over 95% of reviewers grade this pistol range bag at 4 or 5 stars. The Allen Company consistently puts out impressive bags year after year, frequently using feedback from military personnel, law enforcement, and gun range owners to improve their construction and final result.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Smith and Wesson M&P Sporter Range Bag

  • Cons

There aren’t too many issues with this bag except that the gun rugs only fasten on one side with Velcro and this makes some owners uneasy about their pistols falling out, as reported in a handful of range bag reviews. Magazine holders are not included, however, most carriers find ample room inside the back to store their extras without issue.

  • Conclusion

The bag proudly displays the M&P logo and at a price well under $45, the Smith & Wesson bag does the job adequately if you don’t have exceedingly high expectations for it. A couple handguns, ammo, extra mags, protection, etc and you’re guaranteed to be happy and enjoy your day at the range for years to come.

If you want to get the full breadth of top Smith and Wesson shooting range bags on the market, then you’d be smart to look a bit further at these two below as well. One size doesn’t always fit all and the requirements you need versus someone else will always vary. Let’s look.

Smith and Wesson Performance Range Bag/Ammo Bag

This performance range and ammo bag has enough room for two full size pistols and ear and eye protection. The actual size is 10.5″ x 9″ x 13″.

The included ammo bag can hold as much as 200 rounds of ammo and is removable. Unlike the Sporter Range Bag, this one does include magazine pockets, 6 of them in fact, plus an ID holder. Three external pockets round out the carrying capacity. There is a padded shoulder strap ideal for frequent usage. The Ammo bag consists of one gun rug.

Smith and Wesson M&P Double Handgun Case

The same quality Endura 1200D fabric is used on this handgun case as well, with dense foam padding to provide you better than average protection. This range backpack external dimensions are 13” x 8.5” x 3” with internal pockets measuring 12” x 6.5”. This allows for the inclusion of 2 handguns (inside their built-in compartments), 6 internal magazines holders, ear and eye protection, cleaner, and any other pertinent range bag essentials. This bag also has lockable zippers for added security. You’re getting the same fantastic quality and performance in a range bag under $20.

As you can see, the Smith and Wesson history combined with the Allen Company desire for the perfect range bag equals ultimate construction and performance. Don’t hesitate one of these three bags today!

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