Top 3 Tactical Range Bags

When it comes to shooting, many make one simple mistake when it comes to buying a tactical gear bag — buying one that is too small for their needs. The thinking here is there isn’t much they need for the range. What they’ll soon find out after a few range trips their tiny range bag simply isn’t doing it for them anymore, especially when their collection of gear starts to grow.

Luckily there are a wide variety of tactical bags to choose from in all shapes and sizes. So why would one even buy a range bag in the first place? The general idea being I can carry my Glock tupperware case and ammo without a hassle. Most people don’t realize when they start shooting some of the necessities involved when you’re setting up.

For example, when you start adding hearing protection, eye protection, some Hoppes number nine, plus tools like broken shell extractors, punch rods, and cleaning rods, you’ve got yourself a full bag. And one can’t forget targets, more than a couple boxes of ammo, and spare magazines — this is when stuff starts to pile up. Point being — making multiple trips to your vehicle and having everything tossed about the range isn’t fun.  So what tactical range bag should you get? Let’s take a look at the top 3 options.

#1 – Large Padded Deluxe Tactical Range Bag – Rangemaster Gear Bag Explorer

A serious shooter cannot go wrong with a nice big shooting range bag. The Range Master Gear Bag Explorer definitely fits that mold and it represents 1 of our top 5 range bag picks available for purchase. Coming in at a size of 18″ x 10″ x 13″, the construction is solid and made primarily of strong nylon.

Nylon is an excellent material for a range bag due to its liquid resistant properties. Shooting range bags are known to be exposed to rain, sweat, and various gun oils over their life span.  The stitching is solid and highly unlikely to come loose. The zippers are the self-repair variety and both robust and dynamic, perfect for any tactical range bag.

The RangeMaster Explorer range bag has a soft internal layer to protect your weapon’s finish and prevent scratches and dings. The range bag features plenty of dividers to keep your gear from rubbing together and creating more unsightly gouges. The main inside pouch is plenty large to fit the wide variety of gear and guns your tactical range bag may run into. The outside pockets feature multiple internal magazine pouches big enough to hold any standard pistol magazines. One of my favorite features is the fact the outside pockets zip all the way down, allowing the flap to open fully. This gives me a clean space to set my weapon while reloading magazines or changing targets.

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The removable pouches are large enough to hold nearly any handguns securely. The soft padded internals protect the weapon as well. I wish the internal dividers had the ability to Velcro the width of bag rather than lengthwise. The compartments may be more practical that way. At a very fair price of under $45, this tactical range bag is a shooter’s dream due to its affordability, flexibility, and durability.

#2 – Padded Deluxe Tactical Range and Gear Bag – Rangemaster Gear Bag

The Rangemaster Tactical Gear Bag is another excellent product, the little brother of the Larger Padded Deluxe bag above. Measuring 12″ x 9″ x 9.5″, this bag departs a bit from a normal shooting range bag design and flows into a more tactical use, if needed. The Tactical Gear bag is not a one trick pony and is plenty capable for double duty on a tactical scenario.

The Tactical range bag is excellent for duty with the police or military and plenty capable of being your average citizen’s bug out bag. Again construction is top notch, the 1000D nylon is rip and tear resistant and can be used and abused.

This is a must in a tactical range bag. The liquid resistance is even more important when you factor in the unforgiving Mother Nature.

The main pouch is large enough to fit a set of soft body armor or a plate carrier and a helmet. The outside pouches feature elastic hoops to hold everything from rifle magazines to flashlights. The main compartment features two internal pockets capable of holding carbine magazines. Two cylindrical style pouches are capable of containing Nalgene bottles or canteens.

There are many small compartments that can be used for accessory items, five magazine straps, and a fold down area to clean or manage your gun. Including three to four pistols should be a breeze with a set or two of ear protection, plus magazines and ammo to boot.

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The back of the bag features an additional large pouch capable of storing another weapon, or even MREs. The front of the bag features an ID Pocket to allow quick identification. The two side pockets on both ends of the bag are excellent for smaller electronics or even more ammo. No one ever complained about having too much ammo. This bag does have a padded shoulder strap and it’s well built, however, it can be removed if you desire.

#3 – Large Tactical Range and Duty Gun Bag

This Tactical Range and Duty Gun bag can easily double as a gym, travel or tactical duffle bag due to it’s versatility. That and the fact you can pick this bag up for less than $30 makes it very attractive. It includes 8 primary compartments to store your range gear; five on the outside and three on the inside. These areas are broken into separate gun and ammo pouches, magazine or utility loops. The primary interior area has a second main weapon pouch, as well as 12 more nylon-elastic utility/magazine loops, plus 2 more ammunition pockets. There are four extra-large mag holders in the rear exterior pocket.

The dimensions of this bag is 14″ x 10″ x 9″ and the main compartment can be secured by industrial-grade, interlocking coil zipper sliders. The shoulder strap is solid but also removable. Non-slip rubber feet keep the bag from sliding and wearing over time.

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