Uncle Mikes Side-Armor Deluxe Range Bag Review

For the new pistol shooter, finding just the right size bag is a real uphill battle. Sure, there are a lot of options for bags, but a good portion fall into one of two categories; either it’s too big, it’s poorly made by a company you’ve never heard of before, and probably won’t hear about ever again, or its not designed to take abuse.

In short? Finding a good deluxe range bag is a pain. Fortunately, with the Side-Armor Deluxe Range Bag from Uncle Mikes, you can have the best of quality, size, and protection. It’s an excellent choice for a new shooter, or just someone who only wants to securely carry around a single pistol and accessories.

Features of the Deluxe Range Bag from Uncle Mikes

Just the fact that this deluxe range bag is in Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement section should tell you a bit about it. Shelled in 1680d ballistic nylon and a waterproof coating, this bag is designed to be taken out into the elements. Even if your preferred shooting range is out in the woods in the middle of a rainstorm, your gear will still be kept dry.

If you’re worried about this bag coming apart at the seams, don’t be. This bag has piping reinforcing all the critical stress points, as well as a shoulder strap made of the same 1680d material; for comparison, that’s the same kind of material that police duty belts are made from, so everyday wear and tear probably won’t break this bag open.

As for carrying space, this bag is the optimal size for shooting one or two pistols. With 1,200 cubic inches of space divided up between a main and side compartment, you’ve got room for your weapons, magazines, eyes and ears, and a handful of other small things you might need at the range. Expect 4 separate pockets, both in the main compartment and on the sides to help contain your accessories, including room for magazines (but no individual pouches for mags). The main compartment measures 17″ L x 9″ H x 5″ D while the sides measure 14″ L x 8″ H x 2″ D.

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In addition, for those of us who are exceptionally protective of our firearms, this Uncle Mike’s Range Bag comes with a free zippered pistol rug, so that not even the other gear you’re carrying can scratch your firearm. There are also lockable zippers that allow you to place your I.D. For comfort, there are easy to carry handles or removable padded shoulder straps.

Reviews of the Uncle Mikes Range Bag

Looking at range bag reviews, you’ll see that people are generally happy with this Side-Armor range bag. They praise the tough construction, saying that it’s a worthy addition to Uncle Mikes quality line of products. The size is good for their needs, and they find that it’s absolutely worth the price.

Of course, no review is complete without the negative, and the reviewers all agree on one thing; the interior lining is sub-par. While this doesn’t really affect the performance of the bag, it does tend to make the interior look less polished and professional than the rest of the bag. This isn’t to say it’s not a good bag. A good portion of the negative reviews acknowledge that, even though the interior construction is lacking, the exterior construction is still tough as nails, meaning you’re still going to keep all the dirt and grime out of your range bag, and keep all of your equipment inside.

If it becomes too insufferable, it’s quite possible to re-line your range bag with something a little sturdier, either by yourself (if you’re handy with a needle and able to find the know-how) or with a professional who specializes in suitcases, if you really want to get the best of both worlds.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Side-Armor Deluxe Range Bag

Conclusion? A Great First-Gun Bag

While professional pistol shooters and people with large gun collections might find the Side-Armor Deluxe Range Bag from Uncle Mikes a little constricting, anybody who wants to move their first pistol from the factory case to a soft range bag will find this suits them perfectly. Provided you take a little care of the interior, the exterior can take all the abuse you can throw at it. For around $50, this bag is worth a selection.

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