UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag Review

This UTG Multi-Functional Tactical Messenger Bag certainly qualifies as a “go to” range bag but is also is an all encompassing bag that men or women will be proud to tote around.  It can hold an amazing amount of gear and can transition from a daddy bag filled with diapers and other things needed for a child, directly to a shooter range bag to carry a pistol, ammunition, accessories, and other shooting gear. This is perfect for the person who juggles multiple responsibilities and wants one flexible bag that can handle everything life throws at them, with an easy switch from diapers to guns.

Top Features of UTG Tactical Messenger Bag

This UTG tactical messenger bag is loaded with many useful features, and those are:

  •  Large main compartment

The roomy main compartment has a drawstring for closure, and is a secure storage space for whatever you happen to need at the time.  This makes it one of the best range bags you can have, with plenty of room for a large pistol.  It may also double for any number of needs.

  •  Front pocket storage

This is the place to put frequently used items that you need to get to fast.

  •  Back pocket storage

This pocket is concealed from prying eyes, and the place to put things you do not want everyone to know about.  It features a zipper closure.

  •  Padded, adjustable, fully ergonomic shoulder strap

This makes this UTG multi-functional range bag easy and comfortable to carry for anyone.

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Is This UTG Messenger Bag the Right One for Me?

If you are a regular range shooter, or a father with a small child, or anyone with a need for a bag that can carry a variety of things securely, this is one bag you should consider.  This shooter range bag is made from durable and long lasting polyester, and it tips the scales at only 1.9 pounds, so it will not weigh you down.

This bag also has enough room to carry an entire day’s worth of supplies for a hiker.  This UTG tactical messenger bag also keep contents secure with a Velcro belt loop, and it also features air-flow padding so it will not retain scents.

This shooter range bag is also an excellent substitute for more expensive alternatives such as the Jumbo Versipack by Maxpedition.  Made with quality and expert craftsmanship, this bag also has a key clip, which can come in handy for a variety of things.  The zipper pulls on this bag are silent, and strong enough not to break even with heavy use.

This versatile bag can even be used to carry cameras and gear, or it may be used as a carry-on bag for a short trip on an airline.  Many people have found this bag is much handier than a backpack as it can be carried in front of you, and you do not have to take it off in order to retrieve items from it.

Other features include an adjustable water bottle holder, and it carries a 1-liter bottle well.  This shooter range bag comes in your choice of four colors, black, dark earth, OD green, and Army digital.  The quality of the seams, buckles, and zippers is first-rate, and it is obvious this bag can be used on a daily basis and stand up well. This bag is roomier than it appears at first glance, with dimensions of 12.5” X 10.5” X 5.5” in terms of width, height, and depth.

Cons of the UTG Tactical Messenger

Complaints about this shooter range bag are few and far in between, but they do exist.  Some users of this bag have found that the stitching has come undone in places, and the zippers have come off track.  A few users have complained of this, but that could be attributed to the fact the bag was roughly used, and not cared for properly.

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Final Thoughts

UTG is a proud company that has been supplying shooting, hunting and outdoor gear for nearly 25 years.This range/messenger bag is versatile enough to be used on almost a daily basis, for a variety of uses, and men and women have found it one handy item to have around.  It can also be used as a camera bag, a diaper bag, or used as a carry-on for a weekend get-away.

This UTG Multi-Functional Range Bag is made lightweight, from tough and durable materials, so you can be confident it is tough enough to take abuse and still look and function great.  If you have a need for a versatile and well made bag, this is one good choice for the money as its cost is a fraction of what some of the other bags on the market go for (<$40).  It also looks masculine enough that men will not feel awkward carrying it in the mall, or any other public place. Range bag reviews on Amazon show over 1000 high ratings for this bag which should make any buyer feel comfortable with their selection.

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