VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag Review

Any gun owner, whether you be a casual shooter or someone involved in professional competition shooting, will need a good range bag.  A range bag is purpose specific and will make your shooting experience significantly more convenient.  A range bag allows you to transport and organize your shooting equipment, gear and accessories in a way that practically no other shooting product can.

In other words, you can store all of your shooting equipment in an easy-to-transport bag that’s more efficient at organization than an ammo can or a duffel bag.  All in all, you’ll find your shooting experience to be significantly more enjoyable with a good pistol range bag.

But with such a wide variety of range bags out there on the market, and with them varying in costs from fifteen dollars to as much as two hundred dollars, how do you know which range bags offer you the best combination of quality and affordability?  One in particular to check out is the VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag, a quality bag for the right price.

Features of VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag

While it’s certainly debatable, the VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag is possibly one of the most capable range bags available on the market.  Whereas many range bags are designed for specific purposes, such as to only carry pistols and magazines, or to only carry ammunition, this range bag is designed to carry just about any kind of load that you need it to.  How does this range bag accomplish that? 

The reason this bag can hold any load that you need it to is because you can change the configuration of the bag to fit your needs.  Examples include a Velcro loop that can hold hearing protection, heavy padded handles and shoulder straps that are capable of holding just about any weight of load you need it to, plus elastic magazine holders and removable organizer bags that can be set to your preference.

This VISM range bag has a very roomy main compartment in the interior of the bag, and essentially serves as centerpiece of the bag.  This would be a great place for you to store one or two of your pistols.  There are also five compartments on the outside of the bag, where you can store all of your accessories, ammunition, magazines, cleaning equipment, and whatever other gear you like to take to the shooting range.

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 This NcStar range bag comes with three different organizer bags that are fully removable, in addition to a brass bag.  This means that especially in comparison to other range bags, this range bag is extremely efficient when it comes to organization.

Even though this range bag is only capable of physically holding handguns, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a rifle with you to the shooting range.  There are two outer compartments on this bag that make it possible for you to store both rifle and pistol magazines, and all of the magazine holders are elastic, meaning it is very easy to take the magazines in and out, and also ensures that they are kept securely fastened when they are in.

Other Top Benefits of this Multi-Functional Range Bag

The weight of the bag is a lightweight 7 pounds.  Since most of the weight of the bag will need to be taken up by the gear and accessories placed in it, it makes sense for the bag to be lightweight.  Despite the small weight of this range bag, it is still very durable and will not wear and tear easily over time.  The total length of the VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag is 25 inches, with a width of 13 inches and a height of just 7 inches.

Finally, this bag is easy to take with you wherever you go.  The shoulder strap and the carry handle are both heavy duty and padded, making the bag quite comfortable to carry slung across the shoulder.

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Any shooter who travels to the shooting range casually will need a good shooting range bag that can hold up well over the years, have all of their gear neatly organized, is easily transportable, and is capable of holding pretty much all shooting equipment available.  When it comes to having quality meet your budget, considering that range bags can cost as low as fifteen dollars or as high as two hundred, it’s hard to make a better choice than the VISM by NcStar Expert Range Bag.  In due course, you may find that it’s the only range bag you’ll ever need.

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