Voodoo Tactical Range Bags – Scorpion and 2 in 1 Review

Voodoo Tactical has made themselves quite the name in the tactical equipment company. They employ seasoned military, police, and civilian shooters to help design a wide variety of tactical gear, including tactical range bags. Voodoo Tactical ensures solid construction and reliability with top notch innovation in regards to new and exciting features employed in their bags.

Their range bags are premium quality and are used by a wide variety of shooters, from the range warrior to the professional 3 gunner and professional long range shooter. We’re going to take a look at two of their most popular bags, the Large 2-in-1 Range Bag w/Removeable Pistol Gun Case and the Scorpion Range Bag. They design their bags with input and expertise from industry professionals to design bags shooters want and need. They build the bags to near military specs to ensure their use is not limited among professional, recreational, and tactical shooters.  Their bags are truly tactical and capable of being a duty bag for law enforcement and military usage.

Voodoo Tactical Two in One Range Bag

For the discerning shooter looking for an adaptable range bag, one couldn’t go wrong with the Voodoo Tactical Two and One Range Bag. The idea behind the Two in One range bag is to allow the user to adapt the range bag to the platform they are using at the moment or to adapt to multiple platforms.

It measures in at 14″ x 9″ x 10″, with a sizable external pocket and double zippers guaranteeing you easy access to your accessories. It comes in three colors — black, coyote tan, or olive grab.

The Two in One features a smaller, removable bag that allows the user to use a small bag when necessary, a large bag when necessary and two bags if you are hauling everything besides the kitchen sink. Each bag is nylon and features solid construction Voodoo Tactical made their name on.  The compact and smaller bag is perfectly designed to carry pistols and pistol accessories, but the larger bag makes a much better rifle bag.

The large main compartment is capable of holding all the necessary range goodies, and this includes things like ear protection, eye protection, cleaning gear, and of course ammo and magazines. The bag comes with adjustable hook and loop dividers, similar to the GunMate Range Bag, which allows the user to tailor the bag for their own needs and weapons. Also featured is removable magazine storage loops that fit most of the common pistol magazines out there. I do wish the internal bag had a more secure way of being packed into the larger compartment.

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The Voodoo Tactical 2 in 1 range bag is an excellent tactical range and has the capability to fill a large variety of roles. The bag is so adaptable that it fits the needs of a wide variety of shooters. An excellent example is the soldier that one day may need the bag for tactical purposes, and the next day he may be taking to a private range. Adapt and overcome could be this bags motto. Their certainly is a lot of flexibility with this bag making it a great choice for separate excursions.

Voodoo Tactical Scorpion Range

The second Voodoo Tactical Range bag we are looking at is the Scorpion Tactical. The Scorpion Tactical is not a massive bag by any means, but I wouldn’t classify it as compact either.

It falls into the rarely seen Medium division of range bags. A medium tactical range bag is usually the perfect size for the hobbyist shooter who’s not into the 3 gun or professional shooter. Oddly enough this perfect for the clay pigeon shooter. It measures 13.5″ x 8.5″ x 8″ and comes in either black or beige.

The bag doesn’t give off the typical tactical bag appearance, in fact it has the overall appearance of a simple day pack or messenger bag. This disguised look is an advantage against thieves and deters those folks who are afraid of guns from panicking. One of the biggest and most talked about features of this bag are the multiple pockets, sleeves and pouches. If you’re one that likes to take a lot of your range bag contents with you, this bag makes that a real possibility.

The bag features exterior pockets to contain multiple small pieces of gear. These exterior pockets are padded and are capable of being locked. On the outside there are 4 Velcro tab pouches plus a place to put your ID so that it is visible. The external aspect of the bag itself is heavily padded and so is the inside, guaranteeing an excellent level of protection for your firearms.

The main compartment is a zippered double pull-top that offers one large and one small slip pouch complete with elastic loops for ammo or cartridges. The inside features plenty of room for ammo, ear muffs, eye protection, holsters, cleaning gear, and of course pistols and magazines.

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The bag has a padded shoulder strap which I absolutely love and is extremely comfortable even when the bag is loaded down. The main issue is I wish the strap was a bit longer, but it is removable if you’d like to use the handles instead. I would also prefer the zippers to be black rather than silver as it would really stand out but that’s just a minor issue. The Voodoo Tactical Scorpion range bag is a very good choice and capable of pleasing even the pickiest user.

Voodoo Tactical’s series of tactical range bags are an excellent choice for military, law enforcement and civilian shooters looking for a reliable and capable tactical range bag. They are extremely tough and durable enough to give years of solid and reliable service. The 2 in 1 and Scorpion bags are also very affordable and you’re sure to get many years of service with either. Range bag reviews confirm the same with multiple five star reviews on Amazon.com and other range bag websites.

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